How to choose an application developer.

When looking for someone to a design and develop and application for your business consider the following:

Experience.  Does the company have ample experience?

Design versatility.  Are they be open to new ideas and be willing to make changes until the app is perfect. The company must be known to be technically sound with professional and qualified developers.

Working  examples. Check out the company’s other applications, see their links and screen shots to confirm that they have indeed done this before.

Easy access and communication. The company you should hire must be reachable at all times; you may have new ideas or suggestions and would want to pass over from time to time, there must be somebody to hear you out.

Cost effectiveness. Find a company that will offer you great quality at the best price and go for them. However, do not compromise quality for price. Ensure you understand exactly what your getting for your money – this is where previous examples of work will be useful.  Make sure you discuss ongoing costs, maintenance fees, subscriptions and updates so you have a clear idea of any financial commitment.

Timeliness. You don’t want to be developing your application forever. Find a developer who can give you an honest and realistic timescale that they will commit to.

Scope.  Find out exactly what you’re buying, it’s specific functionality and how the design will look.  Make sure you understand the limitations, scope and options when thinking about your application.

Warranty.  Find out what the warranty on the application is, or if there is a warranty at all.  Will the company fix all bugs without charge? Will there be a specific warranty period?