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When you've got to take control of your techno-life - hardware reviews, and free software downloads.

ZD Net"Where Technology Meets Business.". News, white papers, webcasts, toolkists, recommendations and advice. 

CNN NewsIf something's happening, you'll find it here.

About.comThe one place on the Web where you'll find passionate people with practical advice and solutions for almost any problem. 

EpinionsGot an opinion? Then share it! That's the concept behind, where consumers share information and experiences about everything from DVD players to travel destinations.

HealthfinderIf you search for information on cancer, AIDS, or any other illness at one of the Web's search engines, you're likely to find thousands and thousands of documents, arranged in an order having nothing to do with reliability, relevance, or the other concerns you've likely got when researching a disease.

Shareware.comThe Net's got a seemingly endless supply of shareware, freeware and demos, but finding the software you want can be difficult. pulls together a huge number archives with an easy-to-use interface.

Discovery.comFrom "Who Killed King Tut?" to "Shark Week," you can continue to "explore your world" through Discovery's online presence, a companion to the popular TV network

AllExpertsAllExperts provides answers to a wide range of topics, from contracts and car repair to Java and Oracle.

Internet Movie DatabaseMovie buff heaven. Billed as "the most comprehensive free source of movie info on the Internet," and we believe it. The site offers data, and details, on just about every movie of note ever made, each with lots of information (actors, directors, studio, rating, genre/keywords, etc.), all of it is extensively cross-linked. covers it all, from conception to camps.

Windows to the UniverseNeed to know the diameter of Phobos, one of the moons of Mars? (It's 17 miles.) How about the temperature of Pluto? (A very cold minus 380 degrees.) Lots of Web sites claim to have a wealth of educational materials, but few have the depth and quality of information offered by this site.

ArtMuseum.netArt exhibits, like the Whitney's "American Century: Art and Culture 1900-2000," presented with flashing interactive brilliance.
Comedy Central A veritable Hilarity House, from "The Ben Stiller Show" to "Win Ben Stein's Money." You'll get plenty of yucks with each click of the mouse at Comedy Central.

The allmusic website was created in 1995 as a place for music fans to indulge their passion.For the vast range of artists, albums, and musical styles that we cover, we delve beneath the surface to present a level of detail unmatched anywhere else.

SalonFor those overwhelmed by the Web, a literate refuge. What The New Yorker was a half-century ago, Salon is now -- witty and wise, with an eclectic combo of criticism, reporting and commentary on technology, politics and all things cultural.

Priceline.comLooking for a good deal on an airline ticket? Or maybe a car? Or any number of other products? would like to do the looking for you. 

Cool Tool of the DayDiehard Webheads know all about the Cool Site of the Day, with its picks of the best of the Web, but how about the Cool Tool of the Day -- a site with an equally focused mission? Run by self-described "software junkies" looking to share knowledge and advice about their latest software discoveries, Cool Tool of the Day directs you to software to help you out with your daily tasks.

Ask AliceNeed answers to general health questions, but don't want to pay the big bucks? Ask Alice can help.

WebMDThe Internet offers voluminous health-related resources, but you don't always know what's legit and what's not. Here's a resource delivering up-to-date, reliable information on medical concerns of all sorts.

Epicurious.comFrom the folks at Conde Nast magazines, the ultimate spot for digital gourmands.

Builder.comHere's a guide for the tech-heads who build Web sites -- or anyone else interested in the topic. Lots of sites offer advice on HTML, Java, and everything else related to the wide world of the Web, but does it with a particular combination of savvy design and straightforward prose.

CRAYONThe CRAYON site fills the need for a simple system to help you avoid information overload. CRAYON -- an acronym for CReAte Your Own Newspaper -- was created by two Bucknell University students, Dave Maher and Jeff Boulter, and it enables you to create a personalized, user-defined Web page.

SlateYou've got to love a publication with an article hyped as "Flipping the Bird: A History." Arts, culture, politics -- yes, lots of politics -- in a publication from Microsoft, of all places. "Today's Papers" is a must when don't have time for the real thing (and who does?). Served up with smarts.

ArtandCulture.comA resource guide for the visual arts, literature, and music, includes listings for everyone from Chinua Achebe to Andy Warhol in categories such as fashion design, country music, and postmodern dance. The site includes thousands of artist bios, essays, and other info, all of it aimed at assisting your explorations in the worlds of art and cultures.

Dictionary.comEnter a word, and find a definition. "Website," for instance, yields this definition -- "a set of interconnected webpages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization" -- along with a usage note about the progression from "World Wide Web site" to "Web site" to "website." Also instructive: a free "Word of the Day" email delivered to your inbox. 

Poetry DailyLike the name implies. From Raymond Carver, Brad Leithauser, and others, well-known and not. Aesthetic bliss, via the world of words.

MSNBCBetter than what's on cable, with news from a super selection of sources: the Wall Street Journal, Slate, NBC. Not just a Brokaw promo.

Consumer WorldNeed one-stop shopping? Well, here it is! Consumer World has compiled over 900 consumer resources linked to one handy site. Whether it's the cost of a new computer, car or home you need, look here first. Find the lowest credit card rates and airfares. Even make hotel and other travel arrangements right online! Got a hot stock tip? Check it out in the money and credit section. If you're having trouble finding a certain 800 number or need the location of the nearest ATM, Consumer World has your answer. The site's a great resource for consumer info. 

Business WireBiotech, sports, retail -- whatever the industry is, here's a spot to find up-to-date news. Business Wire offers announcements from thousands of companies around the world to the news media, financial markets, investors, and anyone else angling to learn the latest from the world of business. You'll also find electronic media kits about numerous organizations, providing copious amounts of information on these firms. Need info on a business? Here's a worthy spot to start searching. 

Hoover's OnlineYou need to research a company? You're looking for everything from phone numbers to SEC filings? Then start at Hoover's Online. Billed as "the place where company information doesn't have to be boring," potential investors -- and other inquisitive types -- will find this site's database of company profiles, thousands of them, a great spot for detailed corporate background information. A stellar resource for anyone researching a company.