Chances are that whatever you are looking for, we have comparable experience to draw upon.

It's always easier, faster, and cheaper to build an application when you havedone one just like it before.

Check our this list of project highlights and see if what you are looking for has already been done by us before. To the extent that we have "done it before" you are going to save time and money on your new system.


  • LoanTrak - a database of investments for a Real Estate Investment fund
  • Investor Database for Sentry Select Mutual Funds
  • Investor Data with facility to perform Fund Rollover and post transactions to Back Office for Sentry Select
  • Investment Portfolio System for Investment Fund
  • Database of Venture Capital Investments for Bank
  • Tax Reporting system for Limited Partnership
  • System to consolidate accounting data and produce Consolidated Financial's
  • Capital Budgeting System for Telecommunications Firm
  • Policy Registration and Billing System for Travel Insurance Provider



  • Customer database for Sentry Select Mutual funds
  • Mailing List database for Accounting Firm
  • Budgeting and Cost Control System for Accounting Agency
  • Coupon and Campaign Management system for Advertising Agency
  • Royalties Tracking System for Advertising Agency
  • Competitive Environment Tracking System for Telecommunications Firm



  • Program Management System for Incentives Travel Provider
  • Consumer Complaints database for Travel Operator
  • Operations System for Summer Camp
  • Operations System for Swim School
  • Operations Systems for Karate Dojo
  • Theatre Performance Tracking System for Imax
  • Distribution Management System for Newspaper Distributor
  • Tax Return Project Mgt system for Accounting Firm


  • Competency and Training Evaluation Database for large US Computer Mfr.
  • Skills tracking system for Federal Government
  • Enhancements and modifications to Applicant/Employer database for Personnel Agency
  • Enhancements and modifications to Applicant/Employer database for Personnel Agency
  • Recruiting database for IT Recruiter
  • Staff Planning and Scheduling System

Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Job Costing system for Electronics Manufacturer
  • Price List Automation system for Packaging Firm
  • Inventory Management System for Mass Merchandiser

Information Technology

  • Comprehensive Systems Inventory and Patch Management system for Networking Firm
  • System to summarize and report medical billings with the Ontario Government